Bonus Links from the week prior to 7/8

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Interesting use of big data – “predictive policing”
It is like the show “Person of Interest” only a little more low tech and probably less entertaining in real life.The new program used by LAPD and police in the Northern California city of Santa Cruz is more timely and precise, proponents said. Built on the same model for predicting aftershocks following an earthquake, the software promises to show officers what might be coming based on simple, constantly calibrated data — location, time and type of crime. The software generates prediction boxes — as small as 500 square feet — on a patrol map. When officers have spare time, they are told to “go in the box.”Cool idea – A business plan for 3D robot manufacturing
“This blog post presents a case study in the use of 3D printing technology for manufacturing. The information is primarily geared towards entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap their business without dealing with conventional sources of funding.”

Now it is time to get started with some innovative ideas

Study that illustrates the digital divide between parent and kids
To be honest, I am shocked that parents think they know so much about their kids behaviors, but maybe that is because I grew up on IRC (and trust me, my parents would have been upset if they knew).

The fall of the long s

Mobile design: vibrant button examples from iOS apps

Lazy people innovate

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